If you play Football and you’re having trouble Increasing Explosive Speed with your current training routines and looking for a Better Way to Dramatically BOOST Sports Performance then we need to talk.

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Julie Downey here, and I can show you how to “Double Your Speed and Power” in a way that will keep you in the game, keep you on the field and allow you a chance to “be a star”. Call now (713) 906-4487 and I can answer your questions or email me at info@juliedowney.com

Here are a few of the outcomes you can expect from our work together:

  • Dynamic increases in explosive speed
  • Standout quickness and agility on the field
  • Dynamic increases in explosive power
  • Easier recovery off the bench
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced anxiety and agitation
  • An ability to stay relaxed and centered
  • Improved shoulder flexibility
  • Increased joint strength
  • Profound improvement in endurance and stamina

How would it feel to have explosive speed and power at your fingertips?

Learn how with a game changing short course you and your team can take in your own home, or school, at your own pace. This specialized “at home” video training is guaranteed to erase post game and post practice soreness, shorten recovery time, improve focus and reduce stress with my simple system Lights Out 100% Lower Body Rehab/Recovery Program.”

To set up one-on-one training for you or your team, call (713) 906-4487 or email me here : info@juliedowney.com


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