Your work this past summer really has paid dividends this camp, we went into the Houston game with all of our 2-deep roster injury free. That is a credit to our yoga / flexibility program this summer. I am looking forward to this winter off-season and working again with you.

-Yancy McKnight, Assistant AD/Performance Enhancement, Rice University

Thank goodness for Julie Downey touching my life!! At the age of 48, after owning a fitness center for 20+ years, teaching aerobics, conducting running/walking programs, and an avid weight lifter, I thought I was going to have to live with all my overuse injuries. Knowing how important stretching is and requiring my clients along with myself to stretch on a regular basis, I thought I was covering all the bases! Taking my first class with Julie, opened my eyes to how much I was missing in my stretching program….  Now after over two years of working with Julie, I am much stronger, capable of doing more pull-ups then ever before along with the main plus of not having the “overuse” injuries that I thought I was going to live with. I look forward to many more years of being able to stay with my fitness passion as long as Julie is available to continue to work with me!! Thank You Julie.

- Cathy Swatek, CPT

I look forward to my work outs with Julie. She speaks to the athlete in me. She focuses on muscle groups and balance in strength. She has grown my strength through showing me how to do poses I would have never imagined possible for me! Julie is very attentive to everyone’s different needs and levels.

- Mary Jo Zerr

I recently returned from what I am calling “yoga camp” (okay, it was a fancy spa).   We had eight or nine different styles of Yoga with a variety teachers.   I was surprised to see how many different kinds of yoga there are.   Mostly, I was thrilled that I get to go to Julie’s class on a regular basis.   She was far better than any of the teachers at the “camp”.  Her classes build strength more than most and she definitely watches out for our joints better than anyone else out there.

- Barbara Denson

Julie, I miss you at Westside!!!   I just want you to know you’re an awesome yoga instructor and your classes have had a positive impact on my well-being.  I’ve worked with you for two years now, and have seen unbelievable improvement in my strength, flexibility, balance and vitality.  Your teaching style and skill is awesome…you care about each of us…you have a special way of talking and working us into poses.  I like your twists, your upper body work (as much as I gripe about it), the intensity of your poses and your rest period at the end.   Hope to see you soon!!

-Amy King

Thanks again for a wonderful class!   You really are a great teacher.  I’ve truly valued the time I’ve spent under your tutelage and consider you to be by far one of my most influential instructors over the last half-decade I’ve spent here at Rice.   As a purely rational assessment, you’ve actually, without exaggeration, changed my life, and clearly for the better.   Thank you.

-Joe Sy

Julie is terrific at finding the right yoga move to release pain or stiffness and I have worked with her for 3 years now and wouldn’t consider changing my path.

-Tracy Stein

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